GCSE Business Studies 9-1 Course

There are two papers (themes) at the end of the 2 year course, each is equally weighted.


Theme 1 - Investigating small business

1.1 Enterprise and entrepreneurship

1.2 Spotting a business opportunity

1.3 Putting a business idea into practice

1.4 Making the business effective

1.5 Understanding external influences

Theme 2-  Building a business

2.1 Growing the business

2.2 Making marketing decisions

2.3 Making operational decisions

2.4 making financial decisions

2.5 Making human resource decisions

This course consists of 6 units (2 are mandatory) all are internally assessed

´A list of the units we will be studying:

  • Unit 1 The Business environment
  • Unit 2 Business resources
  • Unit 3 Introduction to marketing
  • Unit 5 HRM in business
  • Unit 10 Market research in business
  • Unit 12 Recruitment and Selection

2BS01 - Edexcel GCSE Business Studies

Course Content:

5BS01 - Unit 1 - Introduction to a small business - Ext Exam 25% - End Y11

5BS03 - Unit 3 Building a business - Ext Exam 50% - End Y11

5BS02 - Unit 2 Investigating a small business - CA Internally assessed 25%

Two Papers

H031/01 The local business environment

H031/02 The wider business environment

resources to support students resitting AS units

The unifying theme is choosing and justifying strategy and as such candidates are expected to demonstrate an analytical and evaluative approach to the content introduced in this unit, and to that introduced in the AS GCE Units F291 and F292. Candidates are also expected to draw upon, where appropriate, the knowledge which they acquire through their study of one of the A2 optional units (F293-F296)

F295 Course Objective Outline

The People In Organisations unit builds upon the content of the AS GCE units F291 and F292. Candidates are assessed in a context that refers to specific business situations. Candidates are expected to show critical awareness of issues related to the human resources aspects of business and to use them in solving problems and/or making decisions. The approach is an integrated one in which candidates are expected to explain, analyse, evaluate and use information relating to people in ways that take into account considerations relating to appropriate aspects of organisational structure and activity and the environment within which human resources activity takes place. 20% of final A'level grade.